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Current waiting times

Typically, Grip Psychologen can arrange an intake session as well as further treatment within a reasonable amount of time. We try to prevent waiting lists as much as possible, however, unfortunately we can not always live up to that. It may happen that waiting times for an intake session are longer than usual or waiting times between the intake and the start of the treatment apply. This is however not necessarily the case.

Waiting times may vary per healthcare insurer, due to the required spreading of our budget per insurer over the course of the year.

We update this overview weekly to the most recent status.


Waiting times on 15-10-2021                                                                                          
  Intake   Treatment


Treatment in Dutch

 18 weeks  2 weeks after intake


Treatment in Dutch (evening hours)

 23 weeks

 2 weeks after intake


Treatment in English

20 weeks

2 weeks after intake


Treatment in English (evening hours)

 22 to 24 weeks

2 weeks after intake


It often occurs that a free spot arises in the calendars of our therapists, regardless of the waiting times. Our administration is very likely to then make a round of calls to try and fill up these spots with people already on the waiting list. Therefore, we advise you to save our phone number (085-0471147) in your contact list. If you have flexible availability, chances are you will get an appointment quicker.

Waiting list mediation

If you think our waiting times are too long, please contact your healthcare insurer and ask for waiting list mediation. Your insurer should be able to provide you a placement for intake within a maximum of 4 weeks after your first contact with a healthcare provider, and full treatment within a maximum of 10 weeks after intake. These are the maximum acceptable waiting times that have been jointly agreed on by care providers and healthcare insurers (the so-called 'treeknormen' in Dutch) (Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit, 2016). 

For so-called non-refundable healthcare or in case of paying for treatment yourself, we can welcome you at Grip Psychologen at any time.

Access to Therapieland while you are on our waiting list

While you are on the waiting list we grant you access to the module First Steps to Recovery on e-health platform Therapieland. This module gives you some initial tools to improve your sleep, reduce worrying, help with relaxation and difficult emotions.