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Athletes with psychological problems

Were you a fanatic athlete and are you experiencing a void since you quit your (top-class)sports? Or are you still playing sports and experiencing severe pressure to perform well?

Sometimes athletes suffer from fear of failure, extreme fatigue, gloom, or high tension. Maybe because they have suffered an injury and/or stopped exercising or because they have been struggling for a while. At Grip Psychologen, our sports psychologists have a background in clinical psychology and can therefore help you!


Examples of psychological issues that athletes sometimes deal with are the following:

  • Feeling a void after quitting (top-class)sports
  • Overstrain / burnout
  • Gloom and depression
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Problems with alcohol / drugs / doping / gaming
  • Psychological problems during an injury


During the intake interview we will determine what suits you better: mental training or a treatment focused on your symptoms. After a psychological treatment, you can still opt for mental training.