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Mild problems with alcohol and drugs

Do you suffer from an addiction or problematic substance use and are you considering getting rid of it? Do you feel that you are slowly losing control of your alcohol or drug use? Do you use more alcohol or drugs than you would like? Do you need more alcohol or drugs to get the same effect as before? Then you may be 'dependent' or addicted to a substance. At Grip Psychologen we reffer to it as 'problematic substance use'.

The causes

Disorders in the use of substances are common. There may be problems with emotional or self-regulation. Possible causes of problematic substance use are personality, environmental factors and heredity susceptibility.


At Grip Psychologen we offer guidance for substance use disorders, e.g. for problematic gambling, alcohol, cannabis and cocaine use. Excessive use of substances can lead to sleeping problems, depressive symptoms and anxiety. Grip Psychologen does not offer treatment for severe dependency and substance abuse. In that case, more intensive treatment is needed, in which a medical professional assists in detoxifying.

The treatment consists of cognitive behavioural therapy. During treatment we investigate the possible causes and examine what triggers the use of substances. Subsequently, self-control training is applied and skills are taught to deal with substances in a different and healthier way.

Blended Care

In case of problematic use of substances, we offer partial online treatment, in cooperation with the online programmes (e-health) of Therapieland. You can find more information on the Blended Care page.

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