New model funding for mental healthcare (GGZ) 2022

Starting January 1st 2022 our Mental Healthcare system will have a new funding model introduced, called zorgprestatiemodel.

The new model entails closing all running treatments on the 31st of December and a reopening of all trajectories on the 1st of January 2022. This means your dossier will be closed in our system and a new trajectory will be opened at the start of 2022. This will not affect your treatment, which will continue as before in the new year. What will change is that the cost of the trajectory up to December 31st 2021 will be stated to your Health care insurer. Subsequently you will be invoiced the total of Own Risk over 2021 by your Health care insurer.


For the newly started trajectory in 2022 your insurer will also invoice you Own Risk. This is part of the new funding model. Before you would have to pay Own Risk only once in the year your treatment started, but from now on all the insurers will offset the total of Own Risk on a yearly basis, regardless whether the start of the treatment is the year before.


Also from January 1st onwards the cost of the treatment will be invoiced to your insurer on a session by session basis and no longer only at the end of the treatment trajectory. Our practice, Grip psychologen, has no part in this decision for the new funding model and we can not influence it in any way. The new model is a result of implemented changes by the Dutch government and all Health care insurers. For any further questions we recommend you to contact your insurer.

Please check this site for further information (Dutch only):