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Sports psychology can help athletes to obtain an optimal performance state. A state in which you can keep your calm and stay focused even when it ‘really matters’. In short, you will learn how to get into the right mental state through mental training.


Mental training

Performing is not only about your level of fitness, tactics or technique. It’s also about achieving the right state of mind. How do you deal with distractions, setbacks and stress? How do you reach optimal focus and complete dedication? Which skills are crucial for optimal performance in a specific sport? Which skills are crucial when performing in a team? These are just some examples of questions treated by Grip Psychologen.



Mental training focuses on creating the optimal performance state. Through coaching we will identify your (personal) problems and bottlenecks. During a short and intensive period of counseling we will try to tackle these problems. During the process you will gain valuable self-knowledge and you will learn how to deal with specific situations.
The experience you will acquire through this period of coaching and counseling will generally have a long lasting effect.


Grip sport- en prestatiepsychologie

The majority of our psychologists has a BIG registration, is affiliated with the NIP (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen), is a member of the Vereniging voor SportPsychologie and the Vereniging voor Gedrags- en Cognitieve Therapie (VGCT). We are located in Amsterdam and Wormerveer.


You can make an appointment today for an intake interview. Would you like to have more information first? Please feel free to contact us and we will explain what we can do for you.