Basic and specialised mental healthcare

There are various forms of therapy that can be applied in case of psychological symptoms or problems. Grip Psychologen mainly works with cognitive behavioural therapy. Besides, we also work with EMDR, ACT, Running therapy and blended care. In addition to individual treatment, we offer we offer three group trainings, being Mindfulness based cognitive therapy and the group training Strengthen your self-image. Grip Psychologen offers treatment within basic mental healthcare (BGGZ) and specialised mental healthcare (SGGZ). Please note that we do not treat personality disorders and other complex problems in the SGGZ but mainly offer longer-term treatment of e.g. anxiety and mood disorders. 


Treatment at Grip Psychologen generally consists of weekly therapy sessions of 45 minutes and can vary in duration. If short-term treatment should not be sufficient, we have the possibility to offer a longer treatment within the SGGZ. On our For Whom-page, you will find an overview of the disorders and problems we treat. For more information you can also contact us at any time. 

Basic mental healthcare (BGGZ)

Within the BGGZ, we treat mild to moderate and non-complex psychological disorders.

Grip Psychologen offers short-term BGGZ treatments that are often sufficient to carry on independently. We treat people with various psychological problems. Besides, we specialise in treating sportspeople with psychological problems. 

Specialised mental healthcare (SGGZ)

At Grip Psychologen we offer (limited) treatment within the SGGZ, which can be considered longer and more thorough than BGGZ. We work with fixed times per psychologist at which an SGGZ opening session can be held. These may differ from the rest of the appointments. Please note that we do not offer treatment for e.g. personality disorders, severe addiction problems, complex trauma, or severe risk of serious conflicts, violence and/or suicide. For more information, please visit our For Whom-page and Contraindications-page


Information about our registration procedure, rates and waiting times can also be found on our website.