Group training Strengthen your self-image


Increase your self-confidence: Group training ‘Strengthen your self-image’


Do you regularly suffer from the idea of being an outsider or do you feel like the lesser person, not worthwhile? A possible explanation could be a lack of self-confidence or a negative self-image, which can have all kinds of unpleasant consequences such as keeping yourself in the background, being afraid of taking initiatives or continuously strive for perfection to prevent criticism. In the long run, this may lead to feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

Content of the training

The course 'Strengthen your self-image' is a cognitive behavioural training based on the book 'Build your confidence with CBT' (De Neef, 2010). This course is intended for people who have a negative self-image or lack of self-confidence. The training aims to help you build or strengthen a balanced self-image. 

The training consist of 10 weekly 2 hour sessions with a group of 8 tot 10 people, during which the book 'Build your confidence with CBT' by Manja de Neef is used as a guideline (De Neef, 2018).  


Please consult our calendar for the dates of a new training. If the training is already fully booked, our administration will gladly inform you about future dates. 

Note: the training will not start in case of less than six participants. The start date will then be postponed until there is a minimum of six participants.


Costs for participation are calculated based on the number of participants.

If your GP referred you to this training because of the suspicion that your psychological problems originate from a negative self-image, the costs may be (partially) covered by your healthcare insurance. Examples of these psychological problems are depression, anxiety (social anxiety, fear of failure, negative body image), excessive substance use, excessive eating or excessive exercising. You and your psychologist will determine if you are eligible for coverage by your insurer. In some cases an employer is willing to pay the costs.


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