Complaint procedure

Grip Psychologen does their utmost to provide you the best possible care. It may however occur that you are not satisfied with our approach. Initially, we will try to find a solution together for your complaint. Please send your complaint to We will make sure our complaints representative contacts you as soon as possible to discuss how we can help you to your full satisfaction. 

We understand however if you prefer to discuss your complaint with an independent complaints representative. This representative will mediate between you and Grip Psychologen with the aim of still finding a satisfactory solution together. To get in touch with an independent representative, please contact Klachtenloket Zorg. They can be reached every working day between 9am and 5pm by phone (070-3105392) or by email:

The Arbitration Board

In the unlikely event that your complaint can not be resolved to satisfaction through an independent representative, you can lodge your complaint with the Arbitration Board. Your complaint will then be treated as a conflict and will be assessed by an expert and impartial committee that will come to a binding ruling on the conflict. Both you and Grip Psychologen must comply with this decision, therefore, appealing against the decision is not possible. For more information about the arbitration board, please visit