Nearly every employee can face times when things aren't going too well. They feel they should perform better or perhaps they feel stressed, tired and less flexible. Several reasons may apply: changing jobs, experiencing pressure at work, issues with colleagues or managers or even issues in their personal life may play a role. Grip Psychologen offers quick and professional guidance in which we aim for the employee to return to work with increased energy and joy as well as an optimal performance at work. The Grip op Werk package is especially designed for employees where there is an absence or imminent absence.

'Grip op Werk' package

Inside the Grip op Werk package, your specific request for help is looked into and a tailor-made treatment is drawn up. The treatment will consist of cognitive behavioral therapy supplemented with work-oriented interventions such as a time management or stress management module and a session with employee, psychologist and supervisor.

Is travel a problem?

Then choose our Blended E-health treatment. After one face to face session with one of our therapists, you can start your recovery in your own time and in an easily accessible way.

The costs for our assistance

If you and your employer have reached an agreement on a Grip op Werk package, chances are that your employer covers all the costs. However, in case of a DSM-5 classification, which is covered by health insurance, the costs may be claimed at your health insurance, if all parties agree. This will however have consequences for your deductable excess (in Dutch: eigen risico). The costs of the work-oriented interventions from the Grip op Werk package will still be covered by your employer. 

For more information about the costs, please contact us via secretariaat@grippsychologen.nl


With a referral letter from your company doctor you can register by sending an email to secretariaat@grippsychologen.nl including your contact details and your employer's contact details and billing address. Your employer can also register you directly for a Grip op Werk package by sending an e-mail to secretariaat@grippsychologen.nl