Basic insurance

For adults, the care is covered by the client's basic insurance, provided that:

-        there is a valid DSM-5 diagnosis

-        the client has a valid referral letter from a doctor

-        it fits within the agreements we have made with the health insurer (see here an up-to-date overview of the health insurers with which Grip has a contract).



Own risk

The costs are settled by the insurer against the excess of the client and, if applicable, the voluntary excess. If you still have an outstanding deductible or voluntary deductible excess in a calendar year, the health insurer will charge you for that part of the costs. If a treatment starts in one calendar year and continues into the next calendar year, the health insurer will again use your deductible (for the next calendar year). More information about this can be found at: https://www.zorgperformancemodel.nl/


Account statement

After every care-related contact with a practitioner (by telephone, via video calls, face-to-face and/or via e-mail), Grip Psychologen will charge your health insurer for the time spent. You will periodically receive an overview of this from your health insurer. On this account statement from your health insurer you can see what has been declared by Grip Psychologen to your health insurer. Every 'care performance' provided by a Grip Psychologen practitioner is shown here. Examples of care performance are: intake interview, treatment interview, medication consultation, but also: e-mail contact and telephone contact.


The rates for these care services are not determined by Grip Psychologen. Grip follows the national rules of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA). The NZA maintains that the rates of care services depend on the practitioner's profession and the type of service. More information about this can be found at: https://www.zorgperformancemodel.nl/


Pay yourself

It is only possible to pay for treatment sessions yourself if there is no insured care (the lack of a DSM-5 diagnosis or a diagnosis that is excluded from reimbursement under the Health Insurance Act). The price per session is the applicable NZA-rate. For more information about this, we advise you to contact our back office employees. They can tell you what is possible for your specific situation.


Costs if it turns out that Grip does not have a suitable treatment offer

Unfortunately, we cannot offer appropriate treatment to everyone who registers with us. However, we will try to think along with you as much as possible about where you can get suitable treatment. See our exclusion criteria here for more information about problems for which we do not have a suitable treatment offer.


It is good to know that there are always costs associated with contact with a practitioner. If after a screening intake it turns out that Grip Psychologen is not a suitable place for you, the costs incurred for this screening intake and any other contact moments with the intaker (via telephone, email or face-to-face) will be charged to your health insurer. Grip follows the rates as drawn up by the Dutch Healthcare Authority. The costs depend on the type of service, the duration of the contact moments and the profession of the practitioner you have spoken to. If your deductible for the year in which you have a screening intake has not yet been used up or has been used, please bear in mind that you will have to pay these costs yourself and that it could be a significant part of the deductible amount.