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Please read the application procedure carefully before applying.


Take notice: we currently do not accept new registrations for CZ and Menzis insured clients, due to yearly budget limitations for 2024 for these insurers. 


Please note that you will always receive confirmation (on the same day of registration) by email that you have registered. If this is not the case, your registration has not reached us. Please try again. 
You will only be called if there are any ambiguities in your registration form.

It is important to keep a close eye on your mailbox. We will send you regularly messages about your treatment program.  


For completeness we would like to point out that content sent to us and from us by email, is not secured. For sending emails and/or documents with privacy-sensitive information we use another secure email platform



These data are securely processed and stored within our own system and on our own server. The data are not accessible to third parties.

A valid referral letter contains at least:

  • Your name and BSN number
  • It should be addressed to a practice for psychologists
  • Name and AGB-code of referrer
  • A date that is no older than 9 months ago

You cannot register until you have a referral letter. Once you have this in your possession, you are able to register via the website.



Please note: Grip Psychologen works Blended. That means a combination of video call appointments and face-to-face appointments. Your appointments will be scheduled based on your completed availability. It is therefore important that you correctly communicate your availability to us. Scheduling is easier for us if you are flexible in terms of location, video calls and treatment times.
Should your availability change, please notify the secretary as soon as possible.

Passing on scheduled vacation.



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