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Due to a large amount of registrations we find ourselves in need to take the decision to put a temporary halt on registrations for new clients.
We advise you to get into contact with your GP.
The GP will help you find another practice where you can register and receive the needed care.

Please be aware that due to circumstances our practice will only be reachable over phone from 13:30 to 15:30 hrs starting Monday October 24th till Sunday March 5th 2023.

In case you need to cancel an appointment please email us at:

Please note: we are not able to react to your request within the time that you are used of us. Our sincere apologies.

Off course you can also talk into our voicemail. Please make sure to leave us your name and date of birth.

Registration form

Please read our registration procedure carefully before registering with us.


Please note: you will always receive a confirmation email on the same day of your registration. If this is not the case, your registration did not come through properly. Please try again. 



Your information details will be stored and processed in a secured environment on a private owned server and will not be accessible to third parties.

You can no longer use this form to submit a response.