For whom

Almost everyone sometimes faces times when things do not go as they should. They might experience difficulties at work, feel gloomy, anxious or experience problems with interpersonal relationships. Most of the time, people can deal with these problems on their own. When this is not the case however, our psychologists may be of help. Psychological treatment prevents your symptoms from getting worse and can make you feel better again. More on our page 'Patients'


When an employee faces hardships at work, we can also offer suitable treatment with one of our psychologists. Employees can feel like  they should perform better or perhaps they feel stressed, tired and less flexible. Grip Psychologen offers quick and professional guidance in which we aim for the employee to return to work with increased energy and joy as well as an optimal performance at work. The 'Grip op Werk' package is especially designed for employees where there is an absence or imminent absence.


We also offer Athletes guidance. Sport psychology is all about how to get in an optimal state of performance as a sportsperson. This optimal state of performance implies that one doesn't suffer from too much tension or loss of concentration once they're facing 'the real deal'. In short, we can teach you how to achieve the right mental state by means of mental training.


In many cases Grip Psychologen can be of help with your psychological issues. Unfortunately however, there are exceptions for which Grip is not rightly equipped. You can read more about this on our ‘Contraindications’ page


Why choose Grip Psychologen?

We offer accessible and high-quality psychological care. Many of our clients chose us because:

  • Our patient satisfaction score (on ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’) is in 2020 a 9,2
  • We offer treatment in the evening hours
  • We strive for a short waitinglist
  • Affiliated with the NIP (Netherlands Institute of Psychologists)
  • Member of the VGCT (Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy)