Obsessions and compulsions

What are obsessive thoughts and what is compulsive behaviour?

When you suffer from unwanted, intrusive and recurrent thoughts, we speak of obsessive thoughts. Often, these thoughts drive you to certain unstoppable actions, such as counting or washing your hands excessively. These are called compulsions.
People with obsessive-compulsive symptoms are often afraid that something bad will happen if they don't act upon their obsessive thoughts. This makes it difficult to stop these actions. In addition, the compulsions often offer relief from the fear and possible gloom that is caused by the obsessive thoughts.

The causes

There are several possible causes for an obsessive compulsive disorder. It is often a combination of different factors, such as a genetic predisposition, a stressful event in the past that caused a lot of anxiety, or upbringing.


Cognitive behavioural therapy changes our ways of thinking and acting in a positive way. It investigates the situations in which your obsessions and compulsions occur and how to break through these situations by changing your thoughts. In addition, you are taught to gradually confront difficult situations and to stop carrying out the compulsions. This is also referred to as exposure. The therapy is in fact a professional training that teaches you these new thinking and behavioural patterns.
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In case of obsessive-compulsive symptoms, we offer partial online treatment, in cooperation with the online programmes of Therapieland. You can find more information on the Blended Care page.

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