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In many cases Grip Psychologen can be of help with your psychological issues. Unfortunately however, there are exceptions for which Grip is not rightly equipped.


We will refer you directly to a specialised mental health organisation in the Amsterdam area in case part of the problem is due to addiction or severe eating disorder and in case your request for help lies within the area of treatment for autistic spectrum disorder, bipolar symptoms, ADHD, complex PTSS or psychotic symptoms.

When problems lie within the area of personality disorder or multiple events trauma, we will schedule a screeningsintake appointment with you, in order to investigate if Grip psychologen can offer you the right care you are in need of. Take note that the waiting list for these complaints is longer then other complaints.


Grip psychologen does not have a department for emergency care. When there is a high crisis sensitive indication, we will need to refer you to a practice equipped for treating high sensitive care.