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Grip psychologen offers possibility for online only treatment

Grip Psychologen offers the option for you to follow your treatment (partially) online. Our psychologists are all experienced with offering online therapy. The waiting list for online therapy is generally shorter than the waiting list for face to face therapy.

While you are on the waiting list you have access to the First Step to Recovery module from E-health platform Therapieland. This tool provides you with some initial insight and tools to improve your sleep, reduce your worrying, handling emotions and relaxation.

Research shows that online treatments are just as effective as face to face treatments. Listed benefits from online therapy are the flexibility and the lack of travel time. Being in your own home can facilitate you to implement change in your personal surroundings and work toward your goal.


We make use of GDPR approved platforms for videocalls as well as employ E-Health modules from Therapieland. We offer EMDR online which has been proven to be effective, for which we use an online EMDR tool.


It is also possible to partially follow your treatment online. Do not hesitate to speak to your therapist about your preferred approach.

Recent feedback from our clients

“After having my intake at the Amsterdam West location I continued my treatment online. The fact that it was online made no difference for me.  On the contrary: because you see each other “up close” on the screen it actually felt really personal.  Besides, we could use tools like a digital whiteboard. All in all: a recommended form of treatment”


“Thanks to online therapy I can combine my working hours with the sessions with my psychologist in a stress-free way, as I don’t need to worry about the travel time. The quality of this type of therapy is also good and works very well for me.


“The treatment took place online due to the covid pandemic. The quality of the consultations did not suffer. Clear explanation, a high degree of engagement and evident expertise also found their way digitally. The consultations were good and useful. And that all without travel time.”


“The online therapy gave me a large amount of flexibility: I could attend the sessions at home, my parents or even while visiting my boyfriend in France. Grip uses a platform which was easy to use, and convenient that I did not have to see my own camera which made me less self-aware and more free to share my experiences.”


" Thank you to Grip Psychologen for the help and guidance during a whole past year. I feel fully recovered and the methods of dealing with my symptoms where useful to me. I was able to put them in practice and it worked out well in the end with a bit of patience. I attended only online consultations because of the Covid pandemic,  but honestly I believe that it can be easily done in this way as it saves time, money, and is eco friendly in case you don’t use a bike.”


“I liked the fact that I am in my personal surroundings during the sessions. It allowed me to take a moment for myself prior to the session to prepare so that I could get more out of the sessions. Next to that it was a lot easier to plan my week while not having to take travel time into account. I got used to online therapy very quickly and it did not make it less personal for me than therapy face to face”


“The online EMDR treatment worked a lot better than I had thought. I found it useful that I was able to get the right treatment for my problems during corona pandemic. It also saved me travel time and allowed me to choose earlier treatment times. I can imagine it would be nice to alternate between online and face to face appointments where necessary”


“In 2020 I underwent therapy for burnout complaints at Grip. Due to the pandemic all but one of my sessions took place online. It would not have been my first choice but actually I found the online therapy really good and easier to fit into my schedule. No travel or waiting. The platform they use is secure and professional and you are in the privacy of your own home. The therapy sessions are well structured and personal goals are set and reviewed often. The treatment is overseen by another therapist in the practice. I gained a great deal of practical tools to help to improve my mindset and tackle negative thoughts and behaviour in difficult situations. I would highly recommend Grip Psychologen to anyone who wants to build their resilience and creative a productive and positive work mentality.”


“So far my online treatment at Grip Psychologen has been a very positive experience. In preparation of my treatment I received a detailed overview with all necessary steps and information regarding the online treatment and the platform used. The comfort of having sessions from home works very well for me. Due to the online session we can use our time efficiently which makes the sessions fly by.”