Blended Care

Blended care is a combination of online activities (E-health) and face-to-face sessions with your psychologist.

The advantages of E-health are that you can start treatment at any time, it allows you to address your core problem quicker during face-to-face sessions because you've been partially working on it already at home and as a result you may get rid of your symptoms quicker and in fewer face-to-face sessions. 

Grip Psychologen uses the online programs of Therapieland 

Therapieland offers several programs that are easily accessible, reliable and effective. Please click here to get an impression of the programmes we work with or click on the Therapieland logo at the right. 

How does online therapy work?

During the intake interview, you and your psychologist will determine what symptoms you need treatment for and which treatment suits best. If indicated and possible, an online programme will be part of your treatment. Your psychologist will provide you access to a particular programme and decides with you which parts are to be done online and which ones are to be addressed in the face-to-face sessions.