Sport psychology is all about how to get in an optimal state of performance as a sportsperson. This optimal state of performance implies that one doesn't suffer from too much tension or loss of concentration once they're facing 'the real deal'. In short, we can teach you how to achieve the right mental state by means of mental training.

Mental training and workshops

Grip Psychologen offers mental training and a variety of workshops for athletes, sports teams and coaches/trainers. Both individual mental training and team workshops feature the following mental skills: goal setting, relaxation techniques, tools for improving self-image and motivation, visualisation and thought training. In case of a team workshop there will also be a focus on communication and cooperation within the team. Grip Psychologen customizes the workshops according to your wishes. 

Furthermore, coaches can also follow individual or group workshop provided by one of our mental trainers. Workshops like 'positive coaching' or 'teaching styles' for instance, which aim to teach you as a coach how to get the most out of your team.


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