Individual treatment

Grip Psychologen treats a wide range of psychological symptoms. For an overview of the problems we treat, please take a look at the For whom-page. You may or may not recognise the symptoms listed here. In both cases, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly see what we can do for you. 

For our treatments, we use cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR. A select number of colleagues is also trained in giving ACT. All methods are evidence based, meaning they have been proven effective in scientific research. On the right of this page, you can find more information about our treatment methods. 


During the intake interview, your psychologist will determine what symptoms you suffer from and check whether you meet the criteria for a DSM-5 classification. Based on shared decision making, you and your psychologist will then draw up a treatment plan after which treatment can start. 


Grip Psychologen values involvement of family members or other loved ones into your treatment. Therefore, you will be invited to bring one to a treatment session. The choice to include a family member or loved one into your treatment will always be your own.

Treatment effect

In the context of Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM), we will ask you to fill out symptom-specific questionnaires several times throughout your treatment process. The results help us to measure the effect of treatment and, if necessary, adjust your treatment plan. 

By default, the SQ-48 questionnaire, which measures the general level of symptoms, is taken prior to the intake interview. During intermittent evaluations and right before the end of treatment, the SQ-48 will again be taken and results will be discussed with you. 

Exchanging information with your general practioner

We value exchanging information with your GP during treatment. After the intake interview and the completion of your treatment, your psychologist will, with your agreement, send a report to your GP to inform them about your treatment at Grip Psychologen. If necessary, we will also contact your GP during the whole treatment process.

More information?

Please visit our About us-page for more information concerning rates and reimbursement of treatment within our practice, our current waiting times and our treatment locations. The page 'registration and contact' contains more information about our registration process and how to reach us.