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Running therapy


Do you want to feel mentally fit, have a better mood or boost your self-confidence? Or do you have sleeping problems or anxieties you want to get rid of? Then running therapy at Grip Psychologen might be your thing!

What is Running therapy?

Running therapy is the use of a calm endurance course, during which you exercise at a moderately intensive level. Research shows positive results of exercising in depression, anxiety, addiction and chronic pain. In addition, exercising strengthens the body, provides relaxation and creates an overall improvement in mood. People who exercise regularly at a moderately intensive level show a considerable improvement in physical and mental health. The running therapy group is supervised by one of our psychologists, who is also trained as a running therapist. The added value of running therapy carried out by psychologists is the extra attention for the relationship between body and mind. 

For whom?

Running therapy is meant for people who suffer from (mild) symptoms, such as gloominess, fatigue and anxiety. Being in shape is not necessary for participation, eveeryone runs at a different speed.

Purpose of the training

The aim of running therapy is learning how to move in a relaxed, non-performance oriented way. During training we work with personal goals. 


Please consult our calendar for the dates of a new training. If the training is already fully booked, our administration will gladly inform you about future dates. 


In most cases, the costs are covered by your healthcare insurance.

The whole training costs € 350,- and includes an intake interview, a personalised running schedule, ten training sessions and a reader with additional information on subjects like breathing, running clothes, motivation and mindfulness.