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Registration and contact

Registration procedure

Usually, your GP will assess if you suffer from psychological problems. Depending on the nature and severeness of your problems, you will either be referred to the genereral practice-based mental health specialist (in Dutch: POH-GGZ) or to a psychologist. In the latter case, your GP will issue a letter of referral. NOTE: you still need to subscribe yourself via our website!

Referral letter

Please ask your GP for a referral letter before your intake appointment. Without a referral letter an intake interview cannot take place, unless you are going to pay for treatment yourself. In that case, a referral letter is not necessary. A week prior to your intake interview, our administration will check if a referral letter is present. If this is not the case, your intake interview will be cancelled. 

Please check if your current and past medication is listed on your referral letter. In order to provide good care your therapist needs to be aware of any potential use of medication. Your GP can easily add this information to your referral letter. 

Registration and prescreening

Grip Psychologen applies a prescreening prior to your intake interview, in order to determine whether Grip Psychologen is the right place for you. We want to prevent you from coming in for an intake interview unnecessarily. 


After registering through our registration form you will receive a symptom questionnaire by email. The results of this questionnaire combined with your registration will be assessed by our prescreeners, who are all psychologists working at Grip Psychologen. Not until we have received your questionnaire, we can complete your registration. 


After the prescreening assessment, you may receive an email stating that unfortunately we can not take on your registration. In that case, we advise you to contact your GP again. When you do not receive an email like the aforementioned, it means that you registered succesfully and are put on our waiting list for treatment with Grip Psychologen. Administration will then contact you to schedule a so called seperate intake interview with you or a complete treatment, depending on availability of our therapists. Click here for our current waiting times.

When planning, we do our best effort to take your preferred location into account. Please be aware that if you prefer a certain location and/or therapist, waiting times for an intake interview can be longer. Please note: we try to take your preferred location into account as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee that you will actually be scheduled there.


Please bring your ID to your first appointment!

Do you prefer treatment in the evening hours?

Grip psychologen also offers (limited) treatment in the evening hours at both locations. Please take into account a longer waiting time for treatment in the evening hours. Also, please note that your intake interview will still take place during the day.


Please note: without a letter of referral, treatment will NOT be covered by your healthcare insurance. In addition, the presence of a diagnosis acoording to the DSM-5 is required. Also, since January 1st 2014, work-related problems and relationship problems require a DSM-5 diagnosis to get covered by insurance. Please have a look at our rates page for more information on reimbursement and rates.