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Intake stop VGZ

You have your Health Care Insurance from VGZ (or one of its labels)? We are sorry to inform you that we are currently unable to offer you treatment. Prior to each new calendar year, VGZ determines the budget that we can offer treatment for. Unfortunately we have now already reached the maximum budget, which is why we cannot offer you any treatment. We requested an increase in budget with VGZ, however, this has been rejected. The health care insurer has been notified of our intake stop and has asked us to refer you to ‘Zorgadvies en Bemiddeling’ (care advice and mediation). They will find you an appropriate alternative. You will find their contact details below.
Phone number: 088-131 16 11
on weekdays from 09:00 - 13:00 hour.

When you contact Zorgbemiddeling, tell them you wish to receive mental health care and that Grip has reached the limit of its budget. Zorgbemiddeling will then try to find alternative care in your region. You can point out that you wish to visit a therapist within a 15 km range from your place of residence, and that has a waiting list of maximum six weeks.
Alternatively, you can try registering with another psychology practice in the area. Do take into account that this practise may also have a waiting list, and could therefore also almost reach, of have already reached, the end of their budget. We advise you to contact them fist, to avoid disappointment.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Registration and contact

Registration procedure

Usually, your GP will assess if you suffer from psychological problems. Depending on the nature and severeness of your problems, you will either be referred to the genereral practice-based mental health specialist (in Dutch: POH-GGZ) or to a psychologist. In case of the latter, your GP will issue a letter of referral. NOTE: you will need to upload the referral letter at registration.

Click here for our current waiting times.

Do you prefer treatment in the evening?

We have timeslots in the evening hours. Please be aware that there is a much longer waiting list for evening timeslots.


Referral letter 

Unless you are paying for treatment yourself, you will need a referral letter to register through our website. Without, health care insurance will not reimburse treatment. 

Ask your GP to forward the referral letter to our practice directly through the Zorgdomein system. This is the quickest and safest way. The copy you will receive in your mail can be used to upload in our registration form. In case you have received a paper copy from your GP, please check if your current and past medication is listed on your referral letter. In order to provide good care, your therapist needs to be aware of any use of medication. Your GP can add this information to your referral letter. 

Registration and prescreening

Grip Psychologen applies prescreening in order to determine whether Grip Psychologen is the right place for you. We want to prevent you from coming in for an intake interview unnecessarily. 

The reason for registration given in your registration form combined with the refferal letter will be assessed by our prescreeners, who are all psychologists working at Grip Psychologen. 


After the prescreening assessment, you may receive an email stating that unfortunately we can not take on your registration. In that case, we advise you to contact your GP again.

In case Grip psychologen suits your request for help you will be contacted to schedule an online screening intake appointment with you. You will receive an email with an invitation to create an account for the client portal. Through the portal you will receive a questionnaire to be filled out before the intake appointment takes place. 

Subsequently you will receive a second questionnaire about your symptoms. This questionnaire together with the screening intake will assess if Grip psychologen can give you proper treatment. Is Grip psychologen not the right practice to help you, we will advise you where is best to register. 


Please don't forget to show your ID at the start of your first appointment!


Please note: without a letter of referral, treatment will NOT be covered by your healthcare insurance. In addition, the presence of a diagnosis acoording to the DSM-5 is required. Also, since January 1st 2014, work-related problems and relationship problems require a DSM-5 diagnosis to get covered by insurance. Please have a look at our rates page for more information on reimbursement and rates.