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Anxiety, panic and worry

Roughly 4% of the population suffers from anxiety and panic disorders. They are one of the most common psychological disorders. When your fear or panic prevents you from functioning normally in daily life, we speak of a disorder.


Anxiety and panic disorders can manifest in several ways:

  • excessive worry about all sorts of things in daily life;
  • panic attacks;
  • shaking and trembling;
  • hyperventilation;
  • sweating;
  • nausea and stomach problems;
  • tingling hands and feet;
  • dizziness;
  • palpitations and sometimes chest pain.

The causes

There are several possible causes for an anxiety disorder. Sometimes there is a genetic predisposition, sometimes a stressful event in the past provoked a lot of fear, or perhaps you have been taught (unconsciously) to be anxious during your upbringing. The result is often unrealistic thoughts that provoke anxiety and panic attacks. The symptoms can be amplified by factors such as lack of sleep, use of caffeinated products and alcohol consumption.


Cognitive behavioural therapy changes our ways of thinking and acting in a positive way. It investigates the situations in which anxiety and panic attacks occur and how to break through these situations by changing your thoughts. In addition, you are taught to gradually confront difficult situations that you fear and may have started to avoid. This is also known as exposure. The therapy is actually a professional training that teaches you these new thinking and behavioural patterns.
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Blended Care

In case of anxiety and panic symptoms, we offer partial online treatment, in cooperation with the online programmes of Therapieland. You can find more information on the Blended Care page.

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