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Video calling with Teams

Grip Psychologen operates blended; meaning that our conversations take place both on location face-to-face and also through video calling. 

For video calls, we use Microsoft Teams. This can be installed on either your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Are you not in possession of Microsoft Teams?

Another possibility is to use the URL (link) that we’ll send you by email a few minutes prior to the start of your appointment.

What do I need for the video call?

To be able to make video calls, a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a (stable) internet connection is required.
You have installed Microsoft Teams on the device. A working audio system and camera (or webcam) is also required.

We advise you to make use of headphones with a working microphone for optimal audio during the conversation.
Prior to the start of your conversation in Teams, you will have the possibility to check all the above-mentioned requirements.
So, check the internet connection, camera, and audio.

How do I install Teams on my computer?

Go to and click on download. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
Are you not in possession of a Microsoft account? Please create one through this link

I do not have a computer.

Teams is also available on a smartphone. Install the Teams application in the Appstore of your smartphone. 

How do I install Teams on my smartphone?

Go to the Appstore on your smartphone and search for Microsoft Teams. Click on download and wait until the application is installed on your phone. Open the application and sign in with your Microsoft account. 

When will I receive the URL to my video call?

The therapist will send you the link (URL) by email no less than a few minutes prior to the start of your session


I am not able to open Teams.

Are you not able to open Teams for any reason? Please click on the URL in the invitation (email) and start the session in the web browser.
Attention: Teams is not always supported by Internet Explorer. Instead, use Chrome, Firefox or Opera. 


I am attending the session, but I do not see my therapist.

After you clicked on the link in the invitation, you will be held in the waiting room. Your therapist will give permission to enter the call once he/she is connected to the Teams conversation and opens the session.