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During the intake interview we will assess and discuss what type of healthcare best suits your situation: a short-term treatment within basic mental healthcare (BGGZ) or a more intensive treatment within specialised mental healthcare (SGGZ). Both types of treatment will be (in some cases partially) reimbursed by your health care insurer. We will submit the invoice of the consultation directly to your healthcare insurer. You won't have to worry about it yourself.

For you information, check this list for diagnosis that is not covered by any insurer.

Rates for intake

In case you don’t pursue treatment with Grip after the intake session (maximum 1 session), due to referral elsewhere afterwards or to your own decision to not pursue treatment with us, the session will be billed to your healthcare insurer as an 'incomplete treatment' for a maximum of  €228,04  (the precise cost is a fixed rate determined by the healthcare insurer and can differ between different insurers). This cost will however affect your deductable excess. 

If a second intake session is required, we will discuss this with you in advance and after your agreement, the session will also be billed to your insurer.


When Grip can’t offer you the required treatment as determined per the intake session, but you request a second session in order to help you get properly referred to another practice, the cost of a Short Product BGGZ will equally be billed to the insurer.

Rates for treatment in Basic mental healthcare (BGGZ)

Depending on the type of product for which you are indicated, your healthcare insurer will cover a predetermined number of sessions:

In case of treatment within the BGGZ, around a dozen sessions are often sufficient in order to rely on your own strength again. Each session lasts 45 minutes. At the start of the treatment, sessions will occur weekly or bi-weekly and will possibly be spread over a longer period of time later on. There is no personal insurance contribution, which is not to be mistaken for your deductible excess, which applies in all cases! Your healthcare insurer will settle our costs with your deductible excess, which is a minimum of € 385,00 per year in 2022. If you have not yet used this deductible excess, it will come down to paying the first sessions yourself. This also applies when your employer pays for a supplementary 'Grip op Werk' package. 


Overview of products and numbers that will be billed to your healthcare insurer:

  1. Product BGGZ KORT (short): up to 300 minutes (€ 522,13)
  2. Product BGGZ MIDDEL (average): up to 500 minutes (€ 885,01)
  3. Product BGGZ INTENSIEF (long): up to 720 minutes (€ 1.434,96)
  4. Incomplete treatment: usually 1 session (€ 228,04)

These rates may differ slightly from one healthcare insurer to another.

Rates for treatment in Specialised mental healthcare (SGGZ)

If indicated, we offer treatment within specialised mental healthcare (SGGZ). Each session lasts 45 minutes, however the treatment takes place over a longer period of time than treatment within the BGGZ. The costs  of treatment will be completely covered by your healthcare insurer, however, your deductible excess of € 385,00 will again be settled with the total amount of the treatment costs.

Paying for your own treatment (i.e. costs will not be billed to your healthcare insurer)

Rates per session: € 117,33 in 2022

Rates for an intake session: € 228,04. in 2022

Skype session / session via telephone: € 117,33 per session in 2022