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Grip Psychologenpraktijk

If you suffer from psychological complaints,
like gloom, fear or stress,
you can make an appointment with the psychologists of
Grip Psychologen

They are situated in Amsterdam and Wormerveer.
We are able to help out quickly, as both our first-line (GBGGZ) and second-line (SGGZ) psychologists  have no waiting list.
We work with cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and EMDR

Keep a grip on yourself

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Grip Sport- & Prestatiepsychologie

If you want to perform optimally
in sports, music, or at work,
you can visit the mental trainers/ sports psychologists of
Grip Sport- & Prestatiepsychologie.
They are situated in Amsterdam and Wormerveer.
Grip offers professional mental training & coaching
 to athletes, coaches and teams
and helps them to improve their mental strength.


Get a Grip on your performance

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