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Group training 'How to change your thoughts'


Group training: how to change your thoughts


This training aims to provide you with more information about cognitive behavioural therapy and to practice daily with the ABC-model (in Dutch: G-schema) and behavioural experiments. Both are basic skills in working on your psychological recovery and are therefore also used in every type of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). 

A lot of people suffer from worrying and negative thinking. Thoughts often determine our behaviour and feelings in a certain situation. Hence, if one learns how to change their thoughts, ones feelings and behaviour will also change. 

In this group training we will investigate which thoughts are responsible for the unpleasant feelings or problematic behaviour you are experiencing. You will then be taught techniques to critically question if your thoughts are correct. If necessary, you will fomulate alternative thoughts that suit the situation better. These are called 'realistic thoughts'. 


For whom? 

Scientific research has demonstrated the effectiveness of cognitive therapy with many psychological problems, such as anxiety, mood problems, stress and trauma-related problems.

Are you already in treatment wih Grip Psychologen and are you looking to get more practice in applying the ABC-model? Are you looking to practice with more behavioural experiments than you already have? Or are you interested to learn more about the CBT theory? In either of these cases, this training is a great addition to your treatment. 


If you are not yet in treatment with us, you can also register for this training; it can be followed as a treatment on its own. 


Perhaps you have registered with Grip Psychologen, but you are on our waiting list and the wait is long? Get started with your recovery by starting this training.


Please consult our calendar for the dates of a new training. If the training is already fully booked, our administration will gladly inform you about future dates. 


If this training is part of your individual treatment with Grip Psychologen, all costs are covered by your healthcare insurer. 

Rates are €350,- for the whole training, when you are following it on its own.